About Me

Hi, and welcome to Bizzi Art!

My name is Isabella and I’m an avid origami lover.

Since the age of 7, I found a love for folding and making all kinds of things by exploring my first origami book. I taught myself to master all the models and would spend hours perfecting them.

Over the years I acquired more origami books, and some beautiful packs of origami paper.

My family would host exchange students, and when we had Japanese students I learned about their culture, language, and little bits of origami along the way. It was a great experience to have exposure to different cultures and my love for origami and Japanese culture grew along the way. I have visited Japan a few times now, and each time I come home with more origami paper to add to my collection!

In 2010, I attended University at RMIT and studied a Diploma of Textile Design, majoring in screen printing, but also started to produce my own original origami paper designs. I got to utilise my drawing, designing, and creative skills, and I loved the process from start to finish. Then at the end of the course, I got to display my art with the end of year exhibition.

If you’re wondering what ‘Bizzi’ means, it’s my family nickname, as I was always busy with so many things ALL the time… if I’m not sitting around folding, I’m always actively busy doing lots of other stuff too!

On my site, I aim to provide the origami enthusiast with beautiful, high-quality paper, some of which I have personally used. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced stage, I'd like to provide you with traditional and authentic origami paper so you can explore a few types of materials to make fantastic art with!

You'll see that I'm on all the socials, Facebook, Instagram, and also making tutorial videos on Youtube, so lots to check out and see... have fun, and happy folding!